Companies of DFG group:

MEIER & Partner spol s.r.o.
«Interconstruktsiya» LLC.
PC «Metalstroitelstvo»

«DFG» group consists of trading house «MEIER & PARTNER» SPOL (Praha, Ceská republika) and company «Interconstruktsiya» LLC. (Kiev), as production area PC «Metalstroitelstvo» (Dneprodzerzhinsk) is used.

The companies fulfilled the installation of carbon loam dryer on JSC “Dneprodzerzhinsk by-product coke plant” (JSC «DBCP») reconstruction of rectification workshop on JSC «DBCP» with the possibility of natural gas liquids processing; finished the reconstruction of “Closed final refrigeration cycle” and put into operation the second stage of boiler room at JSC «DBCP». We carry out the development of basic documentation, manufacture, erection and commissioning.

At the present moment we perform the works at the following enterprises: JSC “Dneprovsk metallurgical plant named after F.E.Dzerzhinskiy”, JSC Krivorozhskiy mining and metallurgical intergrated works «Krivorozhstal», JSC «Nizhnedneprovsk tube-rolling mill named after K.Libknekhta”, «Tube-rolling mill named after Lenina”. The enterprises are highly mobile, have highly qualified engineers and qualified personnel of main working professions, and are equipped with modern labor saving tools, implements and equipment.

Companies of DFG group have at their disposal and can fulfill the following works:

  • workshop of non-standard equipment manufacture, complex and responsible metal structures. The workshop is equipped with the modern equipment:  
    • two plasmatic oxygen metal cutting machines with numeric program control;
    • two plasmatic linear cutting and beveling machine;  
      • each machine can cut the plates with the width up to 2500mm and with the length of 12000mm;
      • cutting thickness is from 0,5mm up to 300mm;
    • 16 tables for assembling (each table is of 2500*3500mm with the possibility of free configuration);
    • welding works are provided with Fronius (Austria) welding units of semi-automatic MIG and TIG argon or mix welding;  
      • welding thickness are from 0,1 up to 300mm;
      • welding metals – all types of constructional (carbon) steel, all types of stainless and aluminum alloys;
      • welding seams quality checking is carried out by penetrating (penetrating liquid);
      • weld tightness checking is carried out by magnetic-powder testing in ultraviolet;
      • ultrasonic testing of weld leg and root homogeneity is used;
    • the company is equipped with cold cutting and expander equipment for metal sheets and sections.
    • the company has the possibility to fulfill lathe and milling works both on details and products using milling and boring machine Huron (2000*700*3000), milling machine Secmu (2500*1100*900);
    • there is the possibility to produce metal structures with HD surface galvanizing (maximum size is 10m*1m)
    • design department allows to provide design together with detailed drawings and structural steel drawings development;

our products are delivered to PJSC “EVRAZ Dneprodzerzhinsk by-product coke plant”, JSC “Dneprovsk metallurgical plant named after F.E.Dzerzhinskiy”, JSC “Bagleykoks”, JSC “Nikopol ferroalloy plant”, Nizhnedneprovsk tube-rolling mill named after K.Libknekhta, we are fulfilling the orders of manufacturing non-standard equipment and metal structures of European quality for the following companies: Danieli, Nassimbeni, Fabris, Viotto, Shamprogetti (Italy). Workshop capacity is 200t per month of non-standard equipment and metal structures with full range of metal preparation for painting and the painting by airless method.

  • concrete and reinforced-concrete structures production plant has the capacity of 60.000m3 of custom concrete and 40.000m3 of precast concrete per year;
  • machines and equipment rented from ADA, UMC-5 JSC “Dneprostroymechanizatsiya”, PCF “Budmechservice” LLC;
  • we fulfill repair works of compressor equipment (turbo compressor K-1500, K-500, K-250, КТК-12,5, КТК-7,5, compressors 2 РК 4/120, turbo-expanders, oxygen units КАР-30, air-coolers, oil-coolers), repair of saturator area, argon arc welding of aluminum surfaces, repair of locking equipment and pipe-lines;
  • we fulfill electrical technical, commissioning works:  
    • installation, adjustment, updating of electric drives with:  
      • magnetic amplifier (MУ);
      • rotary amplifier (ЭМУ);
      • voltage-control system (ГД);
      • direct current thyristor drive (ТППТ);
      • variable-frequency drive (ЧРП);
      • thyristor starter;
    • installation and adjustment of electronic automation schemes, including the schemes with programmable controllers and industrial computers;
  • installation and adjustment of electrical equipment of load-lifting mechanisms (ГПМ);
  • installation and adjustment of contactor-relay circuit of any complexity;
  • development principle, erection, switching and electrical schemes (design works);
  • repair of boiler and draft equipment;
  • oxygen equipment repair;
  • ventilation repair;
  • technological equipment repair;
  • pipe-lines repair;
  • repair works using welding;
  • heat insulation of pipe-lines and equipment;
  • pipe laying of hot water-supply;

We have flexible system of price-formation; our prices will be the best in comparison with other suppliers.

The main principles of our company work were and are professional competence, honesty, responsibility, timely and high-quality fulfilment of tasks.

 For fulfilling our activities the company has all the permitting documents and licenses.